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Photographic Exhibition




Laurie Brackley and Ailsa Brackley du Bois


This BIFB Exhibition at the Robert Clark Conservatory in the                                           

Ballarat Botanical Gardens, Lake Wendouree, Victoria was 

open to the public Sat 19 Aug – Sun 17 Sep 2017, seven days

per week, 9am – 4.30pm. Sadly, all good things must come to an end.

All works remain avalaible for sale in 'Limited Editions' of 10.


This artistic photography exhibition showcases the natural environment from two perspectives: the big picture, titled ‘Keeping Your Distance’ and the intimate point of view, titled ‘Up Close and Personal’. Sometimes the boundaries blur. 


The photographic gaze for this exhibition extends proudly across the Central Highlands and Western Victoria. From detailed portraits of trees and birds to rolling fields back-dropped by ancient volcanic mountains, the viewer can experience a holistic view of the profoundly beautiful Australian landscape and environment.


The exhibition showcases 34 original photographs taken on location in: Addington, Ascot, Glenbrae, Halls Gap, Lake Learmonth, Lake Wendouree, Maldon, Mount Beckworth, Mount Bolton, Mount Bunninyong, Mount Elephant, Mount Greenoch, Murra Warra, Weatherboard, Willaura and Windermere. This is the first time any of these images have been exhibited.  For information purposes, diluted thumbnail versions also appear on the Visualising Ballarat  website, hosted by CeRDI. 


Laurie enjoys finding unique angles on, and insights into, texture and repetition, using natural light and traditional, unmodified methods. Ailsa seeks balance and symmetry in what she’s viewing, and is interested in composition and detail. Ailsa curated this exhibition.

You can read more about it in this article, with thanks to Deakin University's 'Contemporary Histories Research Group'.

They Might be Giants, Mount Beckworth, Laurie Brackley





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